• Turteltaube
  • Auge in Auge mit dem Eichelhäher
  • Eichhörnchen
  • Goldammer
  • Grünspecht
  • Ringeltaube
  • Schwarzkehlchen
  • Blaumeise
  • Rotdrossel
  • Grünspecht
  • Eichelhäher
  • Rotkehlchen
  • Buntspecht


Even though the days are much shorter sometimes you can catch the golden light.



Photography at eye level

A shallow water pool attracts many birds magically - an ideal place for photography. Thus I built a hide with a somewhat bigger bird bath on fallow land close to the city of Mainz. On good days you can watch up to 20 different species, including rarities like stonechat, red-backed shrike or wryneck.

But of course also common species are good photo subjects, especially if they come very close at eye level.

>> But see it for yourself.